The Google Pixel 6 Event surprised me and here’s why

Aditya Darekar
2 min readOct 27, 2021

Last week, Google had it’s annual launch event for the Pixel. But unlike previous years, this one was special. This year, Google launched the Pixel 6 which has Google’s very own manufactured chip called the Google Tensorflow. This one reason was enough to get people hyped for its launch, making them the second most widely known company for making their own SoC after Apple.

To start off with, Pixel 6 will now be getting 5 years of security updates — 3 major Android version updates (till Oct 2024) followed by additional 2 years of security updates. This is great for android users who like to hold on to older devices for a longer time.

The second reason has all to do with the camera. Pixels have always had top-of-the-tier cameras in them. It’s not the megapixels that sell them off but rather Google’s smart image processing and computational photography. This year once again they proved themselves superior by really upping their game with AI. Pixel 6 has features like Magic Eraser and Face Unblur that made me rewatch the demo again and again to see how wonderfully it works. Motion Mode was also amazing to watch during the demo.

And of course Android 12’s Material You has all my heart. It impressed me right from the start and showing it during the demo just made super hyped for this Pixel. The idea of having a phone personalised absolutely to your taste without much manual customisation is brilliant to me.

There are also other features like the Wait Times and Live Translate that impressed me during the demo and I am waiting to try out in person soon.

What features did you like about the new Pixel? Let me know below in the comments.




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