I am doing 100 Days Of Swift…

PS: By Swift, I mean the programming language and not any type of art form.

I have been coding since the age of about 15. Its been almost six years now and I have some amazing projects and knowledge of new language in my portfolio. Especially, during the lockdown I was able to get my hands dirty in web development and learning JavaScript has opened my world to a lot of stacks… MERN, MEAN and what now. The incentive to learn these languages has more to do with college projects than personal interest.

However, I have also been trying to learn Swift for the past two years now. Solely for personal interest. If it isn’t clear from my previous posts, I am a huge Apple fan/sheep. So naturally, learning Apple’s native language they use for their apps has always been on my TO-DO. Somehow, different courses promising various results have got on me on the right path to begin with but never kept me steady on it. I either failed to continue the course when college work got in the way or simply skipped it on a lazy day.

Source: Hacking With Swift Website

Which is why I have decided to go ahead with Paul Hudson’s 100 Days of Swift on his website Hacking With Swift. For two reasons:

  1. The idea of slowly learning something for 100 continuous days seems more practical than completing a 30-hours-crash course in 2–3 days.
  2. It’s FREE!

But why I am writing about this? Well, I am taking it up like a challenge. In fact, Paul himself has asked everybody to share their progress on various social media sites which I think is a great way of being accountable for what you say or do. It’s about time to get back in the habit and if everything goes right, I should complete this challenge by — 3rd October 2022. Infact I have just completed my Day 1 today…

Source: A Screenshot of Day 1 Progress| Author

I don’t know if I will keep sharing my progress every day but I guess I can do it every week or so in a Weekly Thread. So if you guys are working on anything similar or simply want to do a 100 Days Challenge about something, leave a comment below with the Aim you have in mind and lets share our progress every week.

~ Aditya Darekar

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