5 Reasons Kindle wins over paperbacks in 2021

Aditya Darekar
4 min readAug 17, 2021


I got my first Kindle as a birthday present at the age of 15. However, the country I resided in did not have a good implementation of buying Kindle e-books from the Amazon website and so I ended up not using the Kindle for at least the first three years.


However, after I relocated to India, Kindle suddenly became my go-to reader not just for regular novels and fictions but also my college textbooks that I would read and use to highlight notes on the Kindle app on my iPad. After using the Kindle and the Kindle App on my iPad for two years now, I have finally been able to say goodbye to almost all paperback purchases (I have bought 0 Paperbacks since 2019) and I feel the need to tell people how about this transition more than ever during this period of the pandemic we are going through (or maybe getting out of).

So here are 5 reasons how the Kindle has replaced Paperbacks in my life:

  1. Durability: My books are light and don’t tear

When I relocated to India two years ago, I carried with me around 15 paperbacks making my backpack almost two kilograms heavier. Also, cramming them up with clothes lead to folded pages and covers which I particularly don’t like seeing. And I can only imagine how heavier it would have been with hardcover books rather than paperbacks.

However, I assume my next vacation or relocation would not give me a bulgy backpack, backache or folded and torn paperbacks because I now use the Kindle. So whether I carry 15 books or 1500 books, my Kindle still won’t weigh more than 182 grams (or 190 grams if you have the 4G Cellular version).

2. Price: I can buy twice the number of books with the same money

So this came as a surprise: most Kindle ebooks are a little cheaper than their paperback or hardcover versions but in India, an ebook version of a typical novel is almost 50% cheaper than the paperback one. Some classic novels from Amazon.in are available below Rs 100 or Rs 50 sometimes. I have never been so motivated to have a Book Wishlist and my e-book cart filled ever before. I even have some public Book Wishlists that you might be interested in checking out.

3. Reading Time: I can read books anytime

Source: https://www.istockphoto.com/search/2/image?phrase=falling+asleep+while+reading

Reading books has never been so easy at night since I got my Kindle. Having the night lamp turned on would really trouble me with the shadow again covering my favourite novel’s pages. Now with my Kindle Paperwhite I can read books all night without worrying about annoying night lamps, turning them off or even damaging my eyes. Now even the original Kindle (non-Paperwhite) version is bright enough to allow night reading. Also the light-weighted Kindle allows me to read books in bed, while I am on my back without worrying about the heavy paperback or hardcover falling on my face and breaking it (True Story) ;(

4. Reference: All my notes and highlights are in one place

When it comes to writing posts such as book reviews on Medium, I have never been more thankful to Kindle Highlights. Kindle Highlights show you all the highlights and notes from all your purchased ebooks. You can access them on any device either on the site, on the Kindle itself or even from ReadWise or GoodReads which I will be talking about next.

5. Keeping Track: Thank You GoodReads

GoodReads is an amazing platform that integrates with your Amazon accounts and allows you to add Kindle ebooks and track your reading progress. You can even write your own review for the books you read or learn about the book from the author himself when he posts his notes or highlights from it. GoodReads allows you to keep track of all books you read throughout the year and remember instances from then. For a detailed insight into using GoodReads, read this post I wrote a few weeks ago.

So these were the five main reasons that made transition from paperback to Kindle even more easier and swift. As of August 2021, I have purchased 0 paperbacks since 2019 and purchased over 50 ebooks since then. Also, the Kindle is so durable and has such a great battery life (almost a month when on standby) that you wouldn’t feel like upgrading to a new Kindle for at least a decade after your purchase. Rocking mine since 2015, what about you?

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~Aditya Darekar

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